Sharane & Tavi's Work


Sharane Wang

I fell in love with pottery because of the sensual nature of clay and the satisfaction of being creative. There is almost nothing more enjoyable than holding something of your own making and putting it out in the world for others to use and appreciate. What attracts me to wood firing as opposed to gas-fired ceramics, however, is the degree of spontaneity in the finished product. Each pot is unique, yet they all belong to a family. You rarely know what you are going to get.  One may harbor precise aspirations for a certain pot; it is slaved over during its conception, technical production, and glaze design. Yet, the result may be a perfectly crappy pot. Another pot made for whimsy and thrown into the kiln without expectations may turn into a gorgeous surprise, impossible to reproduce... a gift from the kiln gods. With time, a dialogue develops between the kiln and the potter. Each firing teaches a little more about what works and what doesn’t. With each experience I bring to the kiln what new tweaks I’ve learned from the last… and then, I wait for the kiln to answer.


Our daughter Tavi loves to work in the studio and help out during firings.